Proper singing

Jay Fahl was at practice on March 21 to talk to us about proper singing technique.  The idea was to get more sound by singing better, not  louder.  As a reminder to those who were there, and to give an idea of what we learned, here are some of the things he talked about.

To produce proper sound the ankle, top of the hip, shoulder and ear must all be in line.  To get the shoulders in the right position we are to stand with a “noble” chest, elbows slightly flexed.  A chin held too high will strain the voice, not help you hit the high notes.

Breathe from the belt.  Specifically we should feel the belt drop when we breathe in.

The “bear” breath will help you to raise the soft pallet and give you more room to resonate your notes.

Your tongue should be at the top of your lower teeth.  There are very few reasons for your tongue to leave this position.

Sing through a smile.  This actually changes the tone of your notes.  You cannot blend properly with other singers if you do not sing through a smile.  If singing was easy, we would sound better when we frown.

There was a real change in the way we sounded by the time Jay left.  We need to keep working to remember all of what he told us every time we sing.


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