Second weekend of church music

June 26, 2011 will find the Chordhustlers on their second tour of churches for the year.  Members can gather to pool rides at the BARC parking lot for a 6:50 departure time.  We’ll meet for practice at St. Matthew’s in Worthington.  There will be coffee and juice but no breakfast.  Because of the distances covered we expect to sing only 4 times, but one of those will be at Lakefield’s celebration so we’ll catch several churches at once there.  We should be done fairly early this Sunday.

Moving went well last night as our things went from BARC to the Living Word Lutheran church.  They had cleaned out the entire storage area for us which was a plus.  We moved in only the immediate essentials, with many things still in Ken’s trailer.  Those items will have to be sorted and some disposition of the items taken.  It may be hard to find some things for a while, but we will be better off for the cleaning out of our accumulation of stuff.

For those of you who have never been to Living Word, the best route is to head west at the Hardee’s corner where 60 and 71 split in south Windom.  It’s only two short blocks up the hill to the church.  We did a little singing last night and the space is going to be a real treat to practice in.  This will be our new home and we are really grateful for the folks at Living Word for allowing us to use it.


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