2013 YIH a success

The Windom Area Chordhustlers 2013 Youth in Harmony event is over, and all would say it was a success.  Although we keep hoping for more, the schedules of our area high school kids is indeed full, so when they make time for an event like YIH, you know they want to be there.


They have a full day scheduled from 8:30 in the morning until after 5 that afternoon.


Practice is a large part of the event with a music director and a quartet for both the boys and the girls.


This allows for maximum help in refining the parts they already learned before they came.  It also gives them a chance to meet other singers from area schools.


We do give them time to eat and socialize, with a bit of music added to the lunch time events.  The pizza is always a hit.



The boys and girls each learn two pieces on their own, and then a mass number which is sung along with all of the coaches and the Chordhustlers.  The chance to sing in a large group of all ages has been a hit for all.

Then it’s show time!  This year the directors of each high school choir was asked to say a few words on stage.  All agreed that this opportunity to learn another style of music was good for all involved.


The show was only about an hour long, but it allowed both quartets, the Chordhustlers and the kids a chance to show their stuff.


If you made it, we’re glad you could take part, if you missed it, we hope to see you next year.





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