The Service Club that Sings

Last night our chapter had a visit from the Executive Director/CEO of the Barbershop Harmony Society, Marty Monson.  We thought it was a big deal, but we did not realize how big of a deal it was until we had a chance to talk to him.  Marty just doesn’t have time to drop in on chapters of our society, he has too many things to do to go chapter hopping.  So why did he choose to come visit us?


Marty stopped by to visit some friends of his from the days when he sang in the Great Northern Union Chorus.  Two of our member sang for several years with him, and he wanted to touch bases with them, visiting our chapter was a chance to see what his friends were doing in their home chapter.

Marty got a chance to talk to our officers and find out what we have been up to as a chapter before practice.  Then he got to meet the guys and sing a bit.  Our director had picked some of the songs he knew Marty had sung from our last show.  It gave him a chance to sing with us.  We also had Marty tell us bit  about his job and he told us about the Society.  One phrase struck me, he called us a “service club that sings.”

Young folks now days seem to be searching for a place to serve, and if you can have fun, learn a bit and also serve the community it is a win for all.  I like being part of a service club that sings.  Come on over and see what we are all about.

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