Last of the summer church tours

2017 has had us busy singing in churches again. The City of Windom and Jackson County church sings are over, now it’s time to make a swing to the north side of Cottonwood County and into Redwood County.  Windom and Jackson County had seven church visits in one morning.  For those of you who do not know how we do this, we schedule our visits so we can make a swing through the area and sing 3 song at each church.  Most of the pastors have been quite cooperative in scheduling so we do not interrupt the service, and some will even interrupt the sermon to let us sing if it does not fit in anywhere else.

So, this coming Sunday’s schedule ( July 30, 2017) is out.  If you want to hear us sing, here is where to be.

  • 8:30 RedRock Methodist
  • 9:00 Old Westbrook
  • 9:25 Grace Lutheran in Westbrook
  • 9:50 Bethany Lutheran in Storden
  • 10:15 Jeffers Methodist
  • 10:35 Jeffers Lutheran
  • 11:00 Storden Baptist
  • 11:25 Highwater Lutheran
  • 11:55 Lamberton Methodist

As you can see this is a very tight schedule, we hope to see you there.

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We must be doing something right

For a small chapter like ours to get a mention (*) in the Barbershop Harmony Societies Magazine, “The Harmonizer” you have to be doing something right, but to get a second mention a few years later, Wow, What are they up to?

I feel our chapter is doing several things right, we sing well and we are having fun, and that makes all the difference.  That our director, Kent Mickelson, is a big part of our success goes without saying.  Kent leads us and encourages us and he puts up with our craziness as long as we sing well.

Our greatest success may lie in our youth outreach.  With our scholarship and Youth in Harmony programs we are encouraging good, new, a cappella singers for the future.  That some of them may come back to continue singing with us in only icing on the cake.

The biggest challenge we have for our chapter is in recruitment.  Our chapter is in need of some more singers.  Last Sunday we had 23 members at our Windom church tour, a great turn out, but much less than we could have if we had more bodies at practice.  It’s hard for every group now days to get and keep members, but we have something no other group can offer, we are “the service club that sings.”  Let’s promote that connection.  Let’s keep doing something right.

(*Our latest mention in the Harmonizer is in Marty Monson’s column of the May/June 2016 edition.  Our first one was an article about singing at a Twins game.)

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2015 church tour starts

This Sunday, June 21, starts the Chordhustlers church tour schedule.  Chordhustlers are to meet in the Baptist church for breakfast a 7:30 a.m.  Jerry will have the schedule for us then.

If you do not have it on your calendar, The other dates for church tours are July 19 and 26.  Expect more details as we get closer.

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July 20th, 2014 Church Tour

Below are the scheduled times for our northern church tour.  Be sure to tell your friends.
8:00 am  breakfast  Trinity Jeffers
9:00 am  Trinity Jeffers
9:30 am  Grace Westbrook
10:00 am  Highwater
10:20 am  Methodist Lamberton
                   (rest ?)
11:00 am  Baptist Storden
11:20 am  Bethany Storden


2014 Church Tour 2

July 13 will find the Chordhustlers Chorus on their second church tour of the summer.  This one will mean some miles.  The list of churches and times is  below.

Zion Lutheran, Odin – 8:30

First Lutheran, St. James – 9:00

Covenant, Trimont – 9:30

St. Olaf Lutheran, Odin – 10:05

Lakeview Gospel, Mt. Lake – 10:45

Bethel Mennonite, Mt Lake – 11:00


Summer 2014

A busy summer has already started.  Our first tour of churches was last Sunday, June 15 in Windom and was well received.  Members and fans may want to get some of these dates on their calendar.

July 11 will find us singing at Jackson’s Rhythm of the River Days.  Details will be coming, but for now put 5:30 down as our singing time.

July 13 will be our second tour of churches going east this time.

July 20 is the date for our last tour of churches as we sing in the north part of our area.

July 21 will be the BARC picnic.  Since that is a Monday, we will meet early to sing and then practice after that.

Those of you wanting to go to the Twins game need to talk to Terry to get on the list.  We will be joining other chapter from the region to sing on August 17.  Here’s your chance to be on Target field.images

The very next day we will have our chapter picnic.  That’s August 18 for those of you not keeping track.

Many of these days do not as yet have times locked down so be sure to be at practice. As I get more details I will let you know.

Our new summer shirts have been well received.  Please take care of them, they should give us many years of use.  Uniform of the day will also be discussed at practice.

2014 All State Lutheran Choir

Looking for an excellent concert?  This bunch of kids will blow you away!  Here’s the schedule for the 2014 All State Lutheran Choir.

Church sing schedule, Windom, 2014

The Windom Area Chordhustlers Chorus will be making its annual tour of churches on Sunday, June 16th. Below you will find our schedule for the morning.  We will arrive at your church at the approximate time listed unless I hear from you before Thursday next week. (June 5th)


8:55   Lutheran Church of Our Savior

9:10   American Lutheran Church

9:30   First Presbyterian

9:55   St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church

10:10   First United Methodist

10:25   Evangelical Free Church

11:00   Bethany Lutheran Church at Bergen

11:20   Church of God Prophecy

11:30   First Baptist Church


We will enter your sanctuary singing a hymn, sing two more selections, and depart.  We should be in your sanctuary about 7 to 8 minutes.   With travel time between churches we do not have any extra time that morning.  We ask that you help us to stay with this schedule by allowing us to sing as soon as possible when we get to your church.

We hope to be on time, but if we are detained, we may come in a bit later. Hold on, we will be there soon.

Thank you for your help,

Jerry Bauer

We get mail

Our summer schedule, where we sing in churches in the area, seems to draw a lot of attention.  Some churches will send us thank you notes, and many people will stop and talk to us to say how much they enjoy our music.  Occasionally there will even be a letter to the editor in a local newspaper.  For those of you who do not get the Citizen, here’s a letter that was in last weeks paper.

A musical tradition 
A musical tradition
What a treat to have our worship service start with the Chordhustlers singing their beautiful songs of praise!
I believe they shared their voices with nine congregations on Father’s Day. What a nice thing for them to do! I’m sure it takes work coordinating all the times of the various church services and transporting all of them to the different churches.
They are a dedicated group of men. They sound amazing and they look like they really enjoy singing.
There are many, many people who appreciate this annual tradition. We hope they continue it in the future.
- Diane Vellema

North churches

Sorry, I missed posting the schedule for the Windom and East churches.  Life has been hectic here lately.  Roger sends the schedule for the north churches for you to make your plans.  Please be there.
7:30am  breakfast Storden Baptist Church
8:30  Red Rock Methodist
9:00  Jeffers Trinity Lutheran
9:30  Westbrook Grace Lutheran
10:00  Jeffers Methodist
                                           Rest stop here afterwards
10:30 Storden Bethany Lutheran
10:45 Storden Baptist
11:20 Lamberton Methodist