Last of the summer church tours

2017 has had us busy singing in churches again. The City of Windom and Jackson County church sings are over, now it’s time to make a swing to the north side of Cottonwood County and into Redwood County.  Windom and Jackson County had seven church visits in one morning.  For those of you who do not know how we do this, we schedule our visits so we can make a swing through the area and sing 3 song at each church.  Most of the pastors have been quite cooperative in scheduling so we do not interrupt the service, and some will even interrupt the sermon to let us sing if it does not fit in anywhere else.

So, this coming Sunday’s schedule ( July 30, 2017) is out.  If you want to hear us sing, here is where to be.

  • 8:30 RedRock Methodist
  • 9:00 Old Westbrook
  • 9:25 Grace Lutheran in Westbrook
  • 9:50 Bethany Lutheran in Storden
  • 10:15 Jeffers Methodist
  • 10:35 Jeffers Lutheran
  • 11:00 Storden Baptist
  • 11:25 Highwater Lutheran
  • 11:55 Lamberton Methodist

As you can see this is a very tight schedule, we hope to see you there.

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September 27, 2015 performance

2015 Welsh

The posters are out for our September 27 performance in Mankato.  Come to the First Presbyterian Church, 220 East Hickory at 1:00 for some great congregational singing.  The Chordhustlers will be singing six songs during breaks in the singing.  Even non singers can come to enjoy the music.